From Russia to relocating to New York, Julia Govor has been able to perform alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, and many more. She has gained the support of numerous talented DJ’s with releases on Cocoon and Russian vinyl only imprint Body Parts / Mind Series. We caught up with the Russian DJ before her upcoming debut at CRSSD festival this Fall for a chat. Be sure to check out her take over on our Spotify CRSSD Fest Guest Playlist curated by yours truly!
1. Julia where are you at the moment?
I just arrived back in Berlin after performing at a few festivals in Germany and France. I’m actually really looking forward to getting back in the studio after this interview. This past weekend was very interesting…

I played at the Cesarhof festival in France for the 3rd year in a row. It’s nice to see how the festival grows each year: the production improves, more people attend, and the line-up becomes more curated. I didn’t play the best set of my life there but I learned something from that. Festivals are always challenging. As an opening act you have to be mindful of the next person playing but when you close a stage people are tired, so you have to wake them up with something deep and crafty.

2. Where are you currently based?
I spend summers in Berlin and the rest of the year in NYC.

I miss New York so much, I love the dressed-up people, the customer service, and the fact that I can speak with strangers and nobody will think I’m crazy.

3. This is your first time playing CRSSD festival. What are you most excited about from what you have heard/seen from your peers that have played the festival before?
I like performing in America, especially in California! I think people are very open there.
I’ll never forget how kids were running to the techno stage at EDC Vegas festival last year as I was starting my set. Or when I played “The Bell” by Jeff Mills at LIB festival; people were going crazy on the dance floor. My dear friend and great DJ, Lee K, has told me good things about CRSSD. She says that people are very friendly, fun, and well educated. But to be honest, I’m most excited about catching up with old friends, seeing the dope line-up, and of course meeting new fans!
 5. You recently released your “United EP” on Rhythm Cult Records. What other releases can we expect from you in the near future? And on what labels?

A collaboration with Seth Troxler on Boiler Room record label is on the way!

6. Your music is often described as spacey, vast, and deep. What impacts and influences your sound as a music producer.
I discover new artists all the time, but only some last long enough to inspire me. I really like Moritz Von Oswald, Jeff Mills, Kamran Sadeghi, and Dasha Rush. When I was younger I listened to very melancholic, dark and serious music made by Russian composers. This past has a very important role in my present sound.
7. Can you name us your top three tracks to play at the moment?
Rodhad – Hope [Dystopian]
Adiel – ANATOMIE DU CHEVAL [Danza Tribale]
Exos – Cold Aeriels [AE Recordings]
8. As a DJ you get to travel the world for a living, what has been your favorite place to visit so far and why?

I love Ibiza, and not because of the clubs and parties…

We have a mountaintop house on the north side of the island, where we spend our vacations. On my most recent trip with my husband, I couldn’t sleep very well, so I took our bed outside and spent all night watching the stars, thinking about the galaxy, the math of it all, our past, and our future. This is the mood in Ibiza.
I also like to run and running up and down the mountain is a fun challenge. Our amazing dog, Pancho, keeps me company every morning on these runs.
When it’s too hot I stay in and make music, but when the weather is cooler there are so many things to do:

There are sweet tomatoes from our neighbor’s garden to eat and oranges straight from the trees to juice. We take long evening swims to Hippodrome Beach where this year I saw electric violet jellyfish and seahorses. It really is paradise!